Small white flowers on branches

These flowering branches will eventually form the center of the centerpiece for my niece’s wedding.


Paper in varying shades of your color for the flower. Bits of tissue paper/napkin for the center, branches (I pick mine up from the yard), white glue.

Time Commitment:

About 20 minutes to make the flowers and glue to the branch (bigger branches = more flowers = more time).


Do you remember how to make a spit wad?

Purple Pig Rating:

7.5 oinks out of 10. The flowers are really sweet and very easy. The cost is nothing (doesn’t everyone have paper, glue, and yard debris?) Making a lot of flowers is a bit tedious, but again very easy. Gluing to the branch takes some time. Hot glue is faster, but shows. is invisible. Minimal messy factor, in fact it requires cleaning up your yard of branches.

Detailed Step by Step:

1. Trace a round circle onto your paper in the size you want your flower. I used a 2″ diameter lid. Cut out your circles. Fold/layer your paper to make several circles at once.

2. Fold the circle in half, then in half again, then in half again. You will have a little cone. Cut a rounded edge to form the petal shape. Unfold.

3. Cut out two triangular sections from the flower (to make a more open flower, cut out one section, to make a smaller bud, cut out three sections). Glue the two end sections together by overlapping.

4. To make a flat base (so you can glue it to a branch), I placed a blunt-ended pencil inside the flower and pressed down onto the table.

5. Make “spit wads” out of a contrasting color from bits of napkin or tissue paper. A dab of glue in the center of flower will hold them. A shiny bead would look pretty too. Shape the petals by pinching each rounded end between your fingers.

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Non-live flowers (but not dead)

2008-04-24 11:20:33 by trollmate

Something my mom and I saw in a home furnishing store many years ago: Leafless small tree branches, from 12 to 36 inches (or any size you wish), The branches were spray painted, then small silk flowers were hot glued to the little branch ends. The ones we saw were painted white, with little yellow flowers glued on. When we made ours, we decided to mix up different types and colors and sizes of flowers, and added odds and ends of silk leaves, and sometimes a little bird or butterfly or bee. We also tried different colors of paint, but either white or gold looked best.
Some craft stores bag up the loose flowers that fall off the stems and sell them in bags for...

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2011-04-27 10:14:07 by -

Not an expert, but have a lilac I love.
Lilacs bloom on old wood, so it’s important to do any pruning immediately after bloom, or earlier. Prune later, and the new growth will not set flowers for the next year. If I’m gonna prune, I do it while it’s blooming, and use the flowers from the prunings indoors. I also maintain mine as a multibranched shrub, so when I “cut it back”, I don’t cut back all branches part way, I cut back selected branches to the ground. This seems to promote bushy growth from the ground with lots of blooms at “enjoyment” height.

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