Small White Flowers on Long STEM

Single Red Rose Flower

Roses Roses Roses everywhere, it is that time of the year where everywhere there is dull dry barren, but the garden boasts of colorful roses, fragrant colorful, small, large, deep colors, pale colors, in groups and singles, yes all the rose bushes are fully loaded with plenty of blooms. We have added two more bushes to the family of roses, though of similar color but the blooms are really worth growing..

Beautiful Rose flower in Garden

Pink Roses on Bush

This beautiful rose bush having peach colored flowers, and the pink, yellow and orange, with this we have added a new plant with white flowers. the plant looks different and very attractive with tiny blooms on the whole stem..

Peach Color Rose Flower on Plant

Snow daisy Bush, white flowering plant

I think this is the snow daisy bush which has more blooms than leaves. The growing habit will have to be monitored as this show may be during winter, it has got a good place with indirect sunlight, and regular watering along with other plants of the family. There are very few leaves on the plant and the flowers though very tiny growing in bunches give the plant a snow appearance.

Tiny White flowers growing in Bunches

Surfing the net fell upon the Elder tree, with white flowers growing in bunches, with its myths and folk lores the elder tree is supposed to be haunted with witches or spirits. It has been believed that the tree is blessed with spirits that when respected, bring good luck and prosperity to the home. I do understand that each plant has its own spirit, and each is connected to other to complete the whole.As a plant dies the barren area loses its energy, which needs to be replaced with new ones if you wish to balance the energy of the garden. rved that sometimes a new plant when added does not feel right for the container, and needs shifting, whereas an old plant when kept in a certain place does not feel right, plants do communicate where they feel good by their growth in a few days. The aura of each plant is different, especially the Chinese evergreen, has a great wide aura and needs more space.whereas the spider lily though having long elongated leaves fits in a small place.

Pet Alexandrine Parakeet

Meanwhile she is still missing, My son stroking the parakeet, only he was allowed this privilege the last day we saw her...waiting upon God for a is never the same without her...

Sorry it's taken me a while

2008-05-31 11:00:05 by annab83

I've been super busy the last couple days and haven't been able to get on wedfo (and been suffering but i'm here now!
i second everything lynnae said and I'll add some more
Well, I've ordered from petalbypetal (they are also a vendor on ebay) (all you pay is S&H through PayPal) and I really liked the flowers. I emailed them after I got the flowers saying I wanted more info on ordering through them, but the woman never answered me...I guess because I chat with Lynnae or
Then, there was

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