Small white flowers on my lawn

Diodia virginiana yesterday (JB)


Today John and George visited the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority, a dump with benefits: a network of nature trails and ponds and fun times communing with wetland plants and a sunbathing gator. CLICK for a cyber-visit to the landfill.

As a fan of this native wetland gem, I am dismayed that the suburban lawn-culture has turned Virginia Buttonweed into a reviled hate-weed. Is the most interesting thing about a wildflower which carcinogen to spray on it? Spray HERE to glimpse the horror!.

Sketch from the Internet. Selected to show the lowdown flowers (fruits).Or go read the garden blogs—you’d think VBW was the Crack of Lawn Doom. So then to join the ranks of condescending blog-pundits holding forth on what to do if Buttonweed affliction keeps you awake at night: Enjoy it! (Then turn down the sprinklers.)

VBW is native across much of the eastern U.S. and extends into South America, its spread conceivably aided by migrating waterfowl. The plant can repopulate from busted fragments, and Canada Geese reportedly eat it.All in the family: Buttonweed flowers looks similar to related coffee flower. from golf course to golf course. Also, the little barrel-shaped fruits become corky and float away. Today was a good monsoon day for that. Did I mention that the species is semi-aquatic, probably adapted to wet disturbed shores where floating matters?

In recent times Virginia Buttonweed has turned into a weedy turf pest in the Southeastern U.S., and far beyond, including Asia. Why has this cute little puppy become a bad dog? Well, it’s adapted to intermittently wet disturbed sunny places with impaired drainage. In other words, stream banks, marshy fields, and suburban lawns on compacted soil soused with automatic sprinklers.

Dwarf Hollihocks?

2012-02-20 05:16:31 by born2soon

I brought some "Dwarf Hollihocks" back to central Illinois from my aunt-in-law's house in Arkansas 10 years ago. That is what she called them, anyway. They grow 36" high and have small red & white flowers on them up the stem. They are invading my lawn and grow back thicker and heartier each year. How do I get rid of them? They have a taproot that hides under the sidewalk and I can't remove it all short of pulling up the concrete and removing the dirt with a backhoe. HELP!

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