Small white flowers on Stalks

fluffy in the palm treeIt rained heavily the other day and a couple of the dried-up palm stalks fell into our garden. I was going to throw them away but one of them reminded me of a sea fan for some reason and I thought maybe I could make something out of it. I’ve been seeing a lot of sea fan art lately, mostly framed and I really like it.

It was a little too busy and three-dimensional, so I trimmed a lot until I got something that was more or less flat and a lot simpler looking.

Cost Breakdown: $0

Palm stalk – Free

White paint & Brown paint – Free (leftover from when we painted the walls)

diy sea fanSponge Paint brush – Free (already had it)

Piece of wood – Free (leftover from another diy project)

*If you don’t have access to a palm tree you could probably make this from a dried tree branch. Just look for one that has a lot of small branches.

supplies for sea fan project

I decided to white wash it vs. just painting because I wanted the diy sea fan to look more natural and rustic. Like it had just washed up on the shore. I mixed equal parts water to paint and brushed it on with a small foam brush, wiping most of it away as I went. Some areas required two coats but for the most part one was enough.

I also wanted the base to look rustic, so I used the scrap piece of wood as-is (no sanding). I used it writing side up because I kinda liked the look of it. Didn’t use water for this part, just stirred the brown paint up and applied it with a foam brush. This part took so little paint that I literally used only what was on the paint stick. I also wiped the paint away as I went.

I let it dry for a few hours and just nailed the fan base to the wood with a small finishing nail. And I was done.

I like how my diy sea fan turned out even though my hubby says it doesn’t look anything like a sea fan, but I think it does. Plus what the heck, it was free!

scrap wood sea fan palm diy sea fan in room diy sea fan on table

Thanks for all the suggestions!

2003-07-11 16:57:05 by miniTree

I forgot I have some Egyptian walking onion bulblets too. Since the small free spot is being encroached upon by a 6' tall tomato monster fom the North, I think I'l try getting the walking onions going there.
My setup is very vertical. The list:
2 Giant Walking Stick kale, 4' tall, unfortunately in the shadow of the 6' 'maters. I have not been eating the leaves - I just want to see how big they will get and how long they will live.
2 'mater monsters, one Odororiko and one Dr. Carolyn (white cherry.) No ripe fruit yet.
1 more modest 'mater, Green Grape, crammed in over by the potato box

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