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Small White Lady’s-slipper


Small White Lady’s-slipper is a perennial orchid that grows up to 25 centimetres high. The mostly white flowers bloom in May and early June and look like a small slipper. Fruit capsules form in June and July. The fruit opens up in September and October and releases thousands of tiny seeds.


The range of the Small White Lady’s-slipper extends from southern Ontario and New York state, west to southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and south through the United States midwest to Missouri and Kentucky. In Canada, it is limited to isolated populations in southern Ontario and southern Manitoba. The Small White Lady’s-slipper has disappeared from Saskatchewan and from the Bruce, Kent, Norfolk and Welland counties of Ontario; some plants are still found in Lambton and Hastings counties in Ontario.

Small White Lady’s-slipper occurrences mapThere are seven populations of Small White Lady’s-slipper remaining in Ontario with a total of about 14, 600 plants.


In Ontario, Small White Lady’s-slipper grows in moist prairies, savannahs, and rich calcareous (limestone) wetlands, known as fens. This plant does best in full sunlight conditions.


The primary threat to Small White Lady’s-slipper is habitat loss and degradation mainly due to development. Alteration of hydrology through draining of sites, competition from invasive species, and the possible illegal collection of these showy plants are also significant threats. The control of wildfires also allows shade-producing plants and bushes to take over open prairie areas, producing shady conditions detrimental to the lady’s slipper.

Recreational activities, including hiking and use of ATVs, are also threats. Isolation of the populations and cross-breeding with other species, such as Yellow Lady’s-slipper, is resulting in hybrids.


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That's Rose of Sharon, not morning glory

2008-06-30 10:18:19 by diverseworld

I love them and miss seeing the one in front of my grandparents' house. The morning glory vine that's domestic and purple doesn't tend to spread and take over like its wild cousin with white flowers. That would take over entire cities if allowed to!
If you saved any seeds, you can send me a few. I'd love to have a shrub or two!
When you prune, it should be no more than 1/3 of a plant at a time. If you took much more than that, it may not come back, particularly if you lopped it off when it was very hot. - But maybe that's the goal.

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