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Allium tuberosum - Garlic Chives, Chinese Chives Care must be taken when adding white-flowered perennials to the garden. You may well end up with a different effect from the one you intended. Shades range from the stark, jarring white of perennials such as Shasta Daisy to more muted, creamy tones of many other perennials. Combine the white-flowered perennials below with plants recommended and your garden will reward you with enhanced beauty. * Watch for the animated hummingbird and butterfly with the plants that attract them. *
The deer icon indicates plants that deer are not usually attracted to. To see if a particular plant is on this page press Ctrl+F, type in the name, then click the Find button. ACHILLEA Is your garden hot and dry? Is your soil poor? The Yarrows may just be your perfect low maintenance choice. Divide them in early spring or fall every two to three years to keep them flourishing. Achillea ageratum 'W. B.Astrantia major - Masterwort d': small white daisy flowers with green eye, 36"
  • uses: perennial borders, cut flower arrangements for all-white effect with: Heuchera 'June Bride'
Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl': Sneezewort, a pure white double form
  • with: Delphinium (blue forms)
Looking for Yarrows of other colours? Try the links below. ACIDANTHERA Fragrant Gladiolus is tall, very long-lasting, has extremely fragrant flowers on stems arising from sword-like foliage, 4-6 per stem and looking like "Glads". Also known as Abyssinian Gladiolus or Peacock Orchid, their corms must be lifted each fall and overwintered indoors.Campanula persicifolia 'Alba' - white Peach-Leaf Bellflower your gardens. Acidanthera bicolor: Fragrant Gladiolus, annual Zones 3-6, white with purple blotch
  • to follow: Mertensia virginica, Doronicum caucasicum
ALCEA Towering Hollyhocks, from 3 to 7 feet, produce single or double flowers with crinkled petals, opening from the bottom to the top. They are easily propagated by seed sown in fall where you want then to grow. Plants may bloom the first year but are actually biennials, producing foliage the first year and flowers the second. Alcea: Hollyhock, tall white forms including white 'Chater's Double'
  • beside: Gypsophila paniculata behind: Achillea (a 3' yellow form) behind: Baptisia australis, Paeonia, Dictamnus, Aconitum
If white Hollyhocks aren't your favourite, try some of the other colours below. You may find useful information about growing this plant well on each of the pages. ALLIUM The choices among... Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Aureum', now reclassified as Tanacetum parthenium 'Aureum' an unidentified short double-flowered Shasta Daisy white Delphinium 'Galahad' white Foxglove with purple markings

Perennial Plants-off shoots exchange

2008-08-09 11:49:39 by toolmantim

Does anybody know of a plant swap/exchange?
I have a lot of perennial plants and shoots from rooting plants I would like exchange for some plants I don't have. I have blue hydrangea, black eyed susans, hostas w/ large leaves and a stalk of white flowers, ornamental grasses, white bleeding hearts, purple bearded white irises, small purple irises, green and silver ornamental grasses eunomonyus creeping green and silver w/hints of pink. I would love to have some bright yellow and/or purple day lilies, and other tall, mid- summer blooming perennials.

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