Small white flowers that smell

Edible pear tree flowers resemble callery cultivar blossoms.

Contrary to Shakespeare’s words, a rose by any other name does not always smell as sweet. One plant in the rose family (Rosaceae) is a tree that has beautiful white flowers, which are best enjoyed from a distance. Callery pear tree blossoms (Pyrus calleryana) are offensive to most people’s sense of smell, with an aroma that contrasts sharply with their rose family relatives. Instead of sweetly perfumed roses, callery pear flowers smell like rotten fish.


Introduced in 1908, early United States callery pear trees had a worthy calling. In their native China and Korea, a variety of callery pear showed exceptional resistance to fire blight, a common disease of pear trees. American horticulturists intended to breed this resistance into edible pear crops, but that endeavor never materialized. Instead, many cultivars of ornamental callery pears made their way into the nursery trade. Other desirable features that catapulted callery pear as a popular ornamental selection were fast growth rate, stunning white floral display in spring, brilliant reddish-orange fall color and high resistance to drought and heat.


Callery pear trees have a serious flaw that overshadows their many features. A vigorous growth rate stretches the limit of their structural integrity, which is fraught with crowded branches that are joined to the trunk at sharp angles. Within 15 to 20 years, many callery pears split apart, especially because of wind and ice damage. Another flaw this tree presents is its invasive potential. Callery cultivars are self-unfruitful, which means they cannot set fruit unless a different callery cultivar in the area lends pollen for fertilization. Successful cross-pollination yields trees that produce fruit and bear seeds, which are eaten and disseminated by birds. When these seeds germinate, they produce callery pear seedlings that populate natural and cultivated areas. As seedlings grow into mature trees, they edge out native plants to the point that callery pear is on the invasive plant list for some states. In California, although it was not on the statewide invasive plant inventory list, it was given a "red alert" status in 2010.


Edible pear tree flowers resemble callery cultivar blossoms.

Little leaf linden

2008-06-22 19:58:24 by robur

I have heard of this and smelled this too. I remember the
re was one behind the local Freindly's Restaurant. I wonder if there is any connection in the chemistry reproductive flowers on a tree and human reproductive fluids????? Tilia species have heart shaped leaves, usually white underneath, and strange bracts( modified leafs) that have a stem with several small friut hanging fron it.
Gingko fruit stink like dog poop. I remember one time I went to the movies and as I was walking from the parking lot to the theater I stopped to check my shoe because I thought I stepped in something

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