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As the flower-heads bloom, the central disk flowers do not open until the outer ray flowers have unfurled. The image below shows this clearly.
The mature bloom in the following image shows how different the disk flowers appear once they open up. Projecting out of each disk flower is a brownish-yellow stalk that is made up of 5 stamens (the male organ where pollen is formed), and a pistil (the female organ). The 5 stamens are fused together, side by side in a tubular structure, with the pistil running up through the centre. Not all disk flowers show a stigma (where pollen lands) at a particular time, but one bi-lobbed stigma can be seen projecting from the top of a disk flower in the image below.
The following image shows one of the disk flowers under the microscope, using dark-ground illumination. The petals of the disk flower are fused at the base to form a tube, out of which projects the brownish-yellow stamens, and bi-lobbed stigma. Beneath the petals of the disk flower, one can see many hair-like bristles (the calyx). These surround the petals and are attached at the base to the ovary where the seeds develop.
In many of the disk flowers of this aster, the two lobes of the stigma are fused at the top. Notice that the ends of the stigma are covered with projections which may increase the surface area and enhance the possibility that pollen grains will adhere to the surface.
A higher magnification shows these projections more clearly, as well as the almost spherical, rough surfaced pollen grains.
In the following image, the rough surface of the lower section of the stigma can be seen to be covered by many pollen grains.
As the disk flowers age, they tend to become brown in colour. Eventually, the ray flowers also turn brown, resulting in the appearance of the bloom at the bottom edge of the image.
The aster family contributes greatly to the diversity of the ecosystem. With an almost unimaginable 20 000 species worldwide, this family provides a wealth of beautiful flowers for amateur naturalists to appreciate and study.
Photographic Equipment

The low magnification photographs in the article were taken using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 with a combination of natural light and the Nikon Cool light SL-1. Higher magnification images were taken with natural light using a Sony CyberShot DSC-F 717 equipped with a combination of achromatic close-up lenses (Nikon 5T, 6T and shorter focal length achromat) which screw into the 58 mm filter threads of the camera lens. (These produce a magnification of from 0.5X to 9X for a 4x6 inch image.) Still higher magnifications were obtained by using a macro coupler (which has two male threads) to attach a reversed 50 mm focal length f 1.4 Olympus SLR lens to the F 717. (The magnification here is about 13X for a 4x6 inch image.) The photomicrographs were taken with a Leitz SM-Pol microscope (using a dark ground condenser), and the Coolpix 4500.

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Kabul's only synagogue & sole remaining Jew

2011-09-08 10:27:22 by ZoeysKidl

A lattice of corrugated iron Star of Davids marks Afghanistan's only working synagogue, a white-washed, two-storey building tucked into a sidestreet in the centre of Kabul.
Kebabs, carpets and flowers are served and sold on the ground floor of the synagogue, which has been transformed into businesses over the last 18 months by the country's sole remaining Jew, who lives upstairs in a small pink room.

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