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Hi friends! Today I’m delighted to have teamed up with the wonderful Flower Muse to share with you the first post in a special once-a-week, month-long series of wedding-themed floral DIY projects! Hooray! You may have seen my recent post in which I tried my first attempt at a DIY bouquet for my sister’s upcoming (tiny budget) June wedding. Everything went relatively well except that by the end of the arrangement I still had no idea how I was going to pull off creating the flowers for her entire wedding + reception with such meager means. But then Flower Muse (the wholesale floral company that prides itself on selling high-quality, ethically grown flowers, with outstanding customer service to boot) reached out with a plan that was pure ! eek with confidence on my side. Both my sister and I literally cried for joy! So today I’ll be sharing with you the DIY process that I used to create the final test for my sister’s bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Be sure to check back next week for another DIY arrangement that we will be using for her big day!

Basic Floral Prepping Steps for DIY Arrangements:

The day after prepping the flowers, I used the magic of modern technology (FaceTime via iPhone) to have an “in home florist visit” with my sister and her fiance. ings that especially caught their eye (my sister was particularly captivated by the stunning “Free Spirit” Garden Roses, and they ended up guiding the floral look that we will use for her wedding day). I then propped the phone up and was able to arrange the actual test bouquet right in front of them! What a fun experience! Doing it this way, they were able to pick out exactly what they were hoping for, and it took the guess-work out of the whole process for me. Win win! Here’s the look that my sister and her fiance decided on for the bridal bouquet. It features blooms in peach, creamy whites, delicate purples, and greens that give the whole look a wistful garden-fresh feel! Bridal Bouquet Flowers Used:

DIY Bridal Bouquet | A Step-by-step Guide:


I can sort of help.

2011-07-18 07:18:50 by Tokahontas

I almost went with a super fancy bed and breakfast on Crystal Beach, for about 60 guests, it would have been around $18k for the entire wedding + honeymoon (this included the bed and breakfast for 3 days as well). Ultimately, the venue flaked and stopped responding to me. I freaked and found a venue near Huntsville instead, which worked out better because I had a lot more than 60 guests. I was cutting my guest list originally, so I could have this venue on Crystal Beach.
How set are you guys on the HISTORIC district of Galveston? 120 guests is a lot for most of the small places around that area

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