Small White Flowers used in wedding

Magnolia blossoms are beautiful harbingers of spring, but they're fragile and can be glorious one day, gone the next. Our wilt-free solution? Mix real leaves with gorgeous paper flowers.

A Vision in White
To create these stunning centerpieces, we placed several stems of crafted blossoms in tall white cylindrical vases, making sure to vary the height of each for visual interest.

Combined with white table settings and sleek glassware and flatware, the arrangements look crisp, modern, and refined -- not bad considering how inexpensive each centerpiece is! You can easily purchase magnolia stems and craspedia (commonly known as billy balls) at most florist shops.

Magnolia Blossom How-To
1. Using our template, cut crepe paper into eight petals. Scrunch bases of two petals together and attach to a stem of craspedia with white floral tape. p>

2. Fasten short piece of magnolia branch to craspedia stem with brown floral tape. Stretch petals into cupped shapes.

"Lotus Root" cylindrical vase, by Bo Jia for Middle Kingdom. Crepe paper, D. Blumchen & Co. "Ellipse" flatware, by Calvin Klein Home,

I can sort of help.

2011-07-18 07:18:50 by Tokahontas

I almost went with a super fancy bed and breakfast on Crystal Beach, for about 60 guests, it would have been around $18k for the entire wedding + honeymoon (this included the bed and breakfast for 3 days as well). Ultimately, the venue flaked and stopped responding to me. I freaked and found a venue near Huntsville instead, which worked out better because I had a lot more than 60 guests. I was cutting my guest list originally, so I could have this venue on Crystal Beach.
How set are you guys on the HISTORIC district of Galveston? 120 guests is a lot for most of the small places around that area

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