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Aster pilosus

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Family: Daisy Family (Compositae)

Other Names: awl-aster, Michaelmas daisy, nailrod, steelweed, subulate-bracted aster.

White heath aster just before bloom.Origin and Distribution: White heath aster is a common weed throughout the eastern half of the U.S. including all of Ohio. It grows in old fields, orchards, pastures, roadsides, waste places, and sometimes no-tillage agronomic fields. The species prefers to grow in the open on dry sandy or gravelly soils.

Plant Description: White heath aster is a perennial weed that can frequently be seen growing by the side of the road as a clump of upright stems with wand-like spreading branches. In late August, small white flowers cover the top half of the plant. The flowers, which are similar to those produced by other plants in the Compositae Family, are actually head-like clusters made up of many individual flowers that may be different shapes and colors.White heath aster seedling. sk flowers in the center of each head surrounded by 16 to 35 white ray flowers. Reproduction is by seeds.

  • Root system - Fibrous roots originate at the base of a perennial, woody crown.
  • Seedlings & Shoots - Young leaves are alternate (1 leaf per node) with a green upper surface, grayish lower surface, and hairs on the edges and leaf stalks (petioles).
  • Stems - Stems are erect, 1 to 4 feet tall, and either smooth or with long, soft hairs. Stems are much-branched, especially in the upper half of the plant.White heath aster stems with sticky-hairy surface. >Leaves - Leaves are usually hairy. Lower leaves are lance-shaped, leaves located mid-way up the stem are more linear and lack petioles, and uppermost leaves are small, narrow, pointed, and numerous.
  • Flowers - Flowers are grouped into heads that are 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide and located at the ends of branched stems. In the center of each flower head are yellow disk flowers that are surrounded by 16 to 35 white ray flowers (typically thought of as the petals).
  • Fruits & Seeds - Fruits are light to dark brown, cone-shaped, and have a tuft of silky hairs (pappus) attached to the top. Each fruit contains a single seed.
Similar Species: New England aster (Aster novae-angliae) is one of several other aster species that are similar in appearance and distribution to white heath aster. However, New England aster has purple flowers and its leaves are larger than those of white heath aster. Fleabanes ( White heath aster seeds with pappus and persistent petals attached. White heath aster roots. White heath aster rosette. White heath aster flowers.
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My Military Wedding

2008-04-02 08:01:06 by Fribble

Hi 'sad2go',
I am having a military wedding in 2 months (my fiance and I are both Army). He will be wearing his dress blues (as well as his best man and groomsman), so my attendants are wearing a merlot red and we have done a soft "Stars" theme.
My bouquet is white roses, hydrangias, and callalillies and there are small shiny silver stars throughout the bouquet (same with the bridesmaids, but their flowers are yellow and red). We have 3 small cakes, red, white, and blue, and they each have a different 'star' pattern on them.
I have also seen military ceremonies that were based around the uniform colors.
Just some thoughts!

Has anyone made their own bouquet?

2005-04-05 00:20:47 by alllis

I went to a bridal expo over the weekend and took a hard look at some of the bouquets. Here is some of what I saw....20 small lilys of the valley, stems cut short-ish and nicely wraped in white ribbon, couple of pins (all for the fab price of $150!) I missing something here?
Any ideas for good flowers to use (fall colors, early fall wedding) to do the same thing? If I were to do it myself, how many days in advance can I put the flowers together without them wilting? Put them in the fridge to keep them fresh? Ideas? Suggestions?

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