Small white flowers with 4 petals

As with the Iris I chose to crop the background close, letting some of the petals continue off the page. The shadows that define the shape of the petals i very subtle and had a hint of green, which didn't translate well in the watercolor sketch. Two of the five petals of the draft painting have yellow-green added to their shadows. I used several light glazes on the petals, which over darkened the shadows. The background was painted last, some areas show more definition then other areas and distract from the flower.
I used a three color palette of Lemon Yellow, Quinacridone Gold and Phthalocyanine Blue (upper color swatches). about in Margaret Walsh Best's class. Small amounts of this purplish mix can be added to any color to create nice shadows (lower mixed colors).The other challenge were the water droplets on the petals. Creating realistic water droplets can be difficult. The white highlight and dark shadow need to match the direction light is coming from. rt is just below the water droplet. The next darkest part is along the top of the droplet above the white highlight that marks the location where the light is reflecting back off of the droplet. Using a wet mid-range value I painted a crescent. Then carefully pulled the paint around the white highlight allowing the color to fade towards the bottom of the droplet. The dark line along the bottom of the droplet is pulled to forming a shadow. o give it a three dimensional appearance. Water droplets come in many shapes, and can have more then one highlight.For the final painting I started with a wet-in-wet background, with less definition. The center of the flower was painted next. Then each petal was painted using the wet-in-wet technique to let the shadows blend evenly. The water droplets were added to the petals after they were dry. Finally the shadows were touched up to match the water droplets.
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Ajo blanco (white gazpacho)

2003-08-13 10:25:22 by condimentarian

Ajo blanco (white gazpacho)
Total time: 25 minutes plus 2 hours chilling time
Servings: 6
Note: This recipe is adapted from one by cookbook author and Spanish cuisine authority Anya von Bremzen. Use a light, fruity olive oil, preferably Andalusian. Andalusian olive oil is available online from or Do not use a peppery oil, such as Tuscan.
3 1-inch slices day-old rustic bread, medium round loaf, divided
2 cups ice water, divided
2 cloves garlic, crushed using a garlic press
1 cup whole blanched almonds, ground in a blender or food processor
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3cup plus 2 tablespoons light, fruity olive oil, divided
1 1/2 tablespoons aged sherry vinegar, or more to taste
2 cups baby lettuces of...

You can do it cheaply

2006-03-02 09:10:47 by -

I spent about $2000 and we were married at a beautiful b&b by the river. I did most of the cooking myself and hired waitstaff to do the serving and cleaning up. We booked the entire b&b (7 bedrooms - it was small) for the night, telling our friends and family that rooms were available for however much $. It was key to find a low key inn that didnt' mind us doing our own food, etc. Some of them want to organize everything for you, and they add commission to everything, or they'll only approve 2 or 3 caterers and they're all $$. So finding a place that doesn't cost a lot, or have hidden costs is key

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