Small white flowers with Fragrance

pairs of small white flowers

Blooming now
Boxleaf honeysuckle
The shrubby honeysuckle
Lonicera nitida
Lonicera (lon-ISS-er-a)
nitida (ni-TI-da)
Evergreen Shrub

Family: Caprifoliaceae
Hardy to USDA Zone 7
Native to SW China.

Boxleaf honeysuckle
Lonicera nitida
The shrubby honeysuckle

Box honeysuckle
high tolerance of clipping

Box honeysuckle is a fast growing shrub with dense evergreen habit. Though a member of the honeysuckle family it is not a climber but an evergreen which looks very much like a miniature boxwood. It has a high tolerance of clipping which makes it ideal as a neat, formal hedge and is also a very popular choice for topiary. As a bonsai this honeysuckle can easily be "sculpted" to resemble a tree.

delightful trunks.

The old branches are very brittle, but one can cut off all the vegetation and it back buds profusely. Boxleaf honeysuckle is also an ideal plant for making very small or Mame bonsai. An evergreen, it is in leaf all year. The small, white, slightly fragrant flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by insects. The pairs of small white flowers give way to lovely purple-blue berries. Readily roots from cuttings.

Small, white, slightly fragrant flowers are hermaphrodite Floral decoration of Massage - 18"H x 13"W - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys
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  • Simply Peel and Stick! Remove and re-use.
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Freecycle offer today

2010-07-07 15:10:03 by -

*Unknown Brand Putty Colored 15 inch Computer Monitor (not flat screen)
*Three 5 oz Tootsie toll Banks
*Small ziplock bag of balloons
*AM/FM stereo CD/Cassette player (CD player does not work, not sure aboutcassette player)
*Simple Solutions Four in one Molding (T Molding)- Mediterranean Kempas (New-in package-resembles a cherry wood)
*Assorted Coupons
*CPS Medium Black bag
*University Center Medium Black bag
*Glass top end table
*Brown wooden L-Shaped desk
*Two silver framed paintings (fruit, flowers)
*Brown table lamp with cream shade
*Set of crutches
*Circular spice rack (partially used)
*Five greeting cards (Welcome to our church)
*Assorted fake flowers
*Black & Gold...

My Daughter Is Missing

2006-03-10 18:21:20 by SisterChristian96

A friend of mine said I should post this here.
My 16 year old daughter has been missing since 3:30 pm March 8, 2006. Her boyfriend is involved. We haven't heard from her at all. The police are considering her a runaway because she is 16 and will continue to do so until they know for sure that she is in danger. We have contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They are making up posters to put up.
We live in Colorado Springs.
She is 5'2" and is 125 pounds. She has brown hair that is just below her shoulders - she wears it up in a pony tail alot though

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