Small white flowers with green Dots

Happy Saturday! I am feeling super upbeat today despite the gloomy weather outside. Perhaps it's my nails making me feel so cheery. Today I am sporting some super easy nail art. I just got my first set of dotting tools in the mail couple of days ago and I had to try them out!

For this mani I used 2 coats of OPI Did It On 'Em as a base. Next I dotted 5 dots in a circle to create the petals in China Glaze Exotic Encounters. anicure polish by Kiss.

The mani felt like it needed a little more "umph!" to it, so I decided to add white dots between flowers using a small dotting tool. As if this wasn't enough, I added a coat of OPI I Juggle...Men to finish the mani off. Presto! This is what I had at the end:
Below is what I actually envisioned in my head as the final look. I wanted the white dots to be small and spread out. Only my thumb turned out the way I wanted exactly. Got to keep practicing with these dotting tools!
Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial-ish post. What are some nail arts you have done lately?

Start with Home Depot or Sloat Garden Center

2005-02-08 23:10:34 by welcom2SFCA

Welcome to San Francisco
Stock is scented and comes in white, cream, yellow, pink, lavender, purple in tall or small straight spikes with fluffy flowers
Calendula is edible and comes in orange, yellow and white on medium height flowers with round full daisy shaped flowers
Snapdragons come in lots of two toned colors
Miniature roses are perrenials but will grow nicely in a window box
Peppermint, sage, thyme, parsley, rosemary, lavendar, raddish, green onions, alspine strawberries will all grow in a window box for a couple of years befroe they need transplanting
there are lots of other garden centers to explore in the bay area and you can grow things pretty much all year long
you can probably grow your favorite hydrangia indoors in a big well...

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