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Hi Sirmatthew -
We had a most beautiful Spring that welcomed many trees, big & small to blossom so incredibly, beautifully ... whites & all shades of pinks!!! I am by no mean a tree expert but have 3 that give us white blossoms with truly lovely scents (a Pear tree, a Crabapple tree & a Vivarnum) & a young Royal Raindrop-Crabapple that just recently dropped all its mauve-pink with lovely, scented blossoms. Our whole neighborhood is so abloom it is awe-inspiring to walk or drive around!

I'm not surprised that the lovely scent reaches you from a 100ft distance. The windy days has permeated our outdoor surround with nature's lovely scent! Sadly, even beautiful scenes must end to give way to other performers to receive our ovations, right? Our old crabapple gives bright-red fruits (for each of its white flower) for the birds in Winter, Royal Raindrop bears, pea-size-plum colored, fruits for every Spring blossom it dropped ... of course, the pears, whatever my squirrel & bee dependents, leave untouched, turn into jars of lovely conserve, in September!

So, for whatever it's worth ...

"GOD warmed the world with sunshine and love ...
HE played a song of hope for all to sing ...
HE decorated Earth to look a bit like Heaven ...

World's largest bromeliad- Queen of the Andes

2006-07-12 15:13:26 by isinbloom

At the SF Botanical Garden. If you visit the plant, you can find it opposite the bottom of the Succulent Garden, see the library receptionist for a map.
The species Puya raimondii (pronounced Poo-ya ray-mun-d-i), sometimes known as "Queen of the Andes" is the largest species of bromeliad in the world.
For photos, please see
In the wild plants reach up to 9 feet tall in leaf, and produce flower spikes of up to 27 - 30 feet tall.
It has been estimated that each plant takes between 80 -150 years to flower in wild populations

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