Native white Hibiscus

kokiʻo ʻula (red hibiscus) Hibiscus kokio RARE | kokiʻo keʻokeʻo (white hibiscus) Hibiscus arnottianus ENDANGERED

We have four species of native hibiscus thriving in our garden this summer. They are all endemic, which is to say, they are found only in the Hawaiian islands. They are believed to be the result of independent colonization events. Hibiscus are among the easiest native plants to grow and can be propagated from seeds, cuttings or by grafting. The beautiful flowers of the hibiscus make this one of Hawaiʻi’s favorite plants. The yellow variety is the Hawaiʻi State flower; the white variety has a subtle scent, which is unusual for this genus.

Collar ideas.

2005-09-08 22:47:25 by blissbandits

OK I'm buying my kitties new collars. I have a solid black 1 eyed cat, sorta wierdo kitty (lol) and her current collar is black with rainbow colored flames. Its cool looking, kinda wild like she is. But time for a new one. I bought one, thats hot pink, black, and white, sorta hibiscus, hawaiian print for her, and its much to feminine for her, so I think Im gonna give that one to Patty my calico. Any ideas for a cool collar?
Doesnt have to be "macho" i mean she is still a girl, but definately no frills, or rhinestones. lol, my male cat is more into the pinks and rhinestones. shhhhhh!
heres Millie's pic.
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2008-06-05 15:04:30 by cdp4444

Have you noticed how many people drive around with hibiscus decals, or Makaki'i Hawaiian helmets with feathers hanging from rear view mirrors? Why white kids have had legislator's to try to overturn Kamehameha school enrollment policy(must be 25% Hawaiian)? How anyone who has ever lived or spent time there claim they are Hawaiian? Most are Filipino or Guamanian, lots of Asians also.Kind of like on St. Patrick's day EVERYONE is Irish yea?

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