Red and White Hibiscus Fabric


Spectacular and unique vintage Hawaiian fabric of graceful hibiscus flowers outlined in white over a dramatic "brushed" background of dark and light olive green, bright orange and white. Has a very sun-dappled look.

Pattern is set at a slight diagonal.

Fabric feels like cotton with a touch of silk. So beautiful and perfect for a variety of projects.

Excellent condition with no signs of wear.

Measures 36" wide and 146" long, or about 4 1/3 yards.

To give you an idea of the scale, the largest hibiscus groupings measure about 6 x 9".

From the 70s or earlier.

Shipping within the US is priority mail at $8.50. I'm happy to ship internationally. Please check with me for shipping costs to your country.

You'll find more great Hawaiian fabric in my Fabric & Trimmings section:

I have Hibiscus growing in my yard

2010-07-25 05:17:15 by Lady-Scorpion

And do not have a clue as to what type. The flowers look like the typical white with red center and the seeds are huge pods. It reminds me of a larger variety of Rose of Sharon. I do know it's not a tropical Hibiscus. the plant is growing very thick stems in a crown shape at the base and very proficiant this year. I hope someone can give me an idea on the type of Hibiscus this is. Thanks! :o)

Bathrooms, white, boring

2003-09-14 20:10:55 by mxx007

But kind of relaxing in a strange way. But now I'm thinking of painting the rest of the house in a light apricot, even the kitchen and maybe painting the cabinets a contrasting color. I love the idea of the cerulean blue layered glowy room. But it wouldn't work here :( My landlord would freak.
The only red tea I've had is a hibiscus flower blend. So tell me about your new roommate - how nice! It's not OT - just mention food.

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