White Hibiscus benefits

Hibiscus has high amounts of antioxidants. Because of the high amounts of antioxidants, it greatly lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and also decreases the chances of developing heart disorders. Also antioxidants aid in reducing the risk of developing a cancer. As hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, it helps in boosting the immune system and can also help in weight loss.

If you have dandruff problem and tried other remedies but found no improvement in the situation, then hibiscus is the best solution for your problem. Hibiscus is a natural remedy for scalp problems in India for many centuries. Also people believe that hibiscus helps in preventing hair fall. If the hair fall is due to thyroid problem, hibiscus is the best solution for this.

Hisbiscus having cooling nature. We can use flowers or leaves to cool the body. Applying the hisbisus flowers paste or leaves paste on our scalp will cool the body and automatically we will get a fresh feel.

Hibiscus is a natural diuretic thus its juice is advised for those who suffer from diabetic and kidney related problems.

I have Hibiscus growing in my yard

2010-07-25 05:17:15 by Lady-Scorpion

And do not have a clue as to what type. The flowers look like the typical white with red center and the seeds are huge pods. It reminds me of a larger variety of Rose of Sharon. I do know it's not a tropical Hibiscus. the plant is growing very thick stems in a crown shape at the base and very proficiant this year. I hope someone can give me an idea on the type of Hibiscus this is. Thanks! :o)

Bathrooms, white, boring

2003-09-14 20:10:55 by mxx007

But kind of relaxing in a strange way. But now I'm thinking of painting the rest of the house in a light apricot, even the kitchen and maybe painting the cabinets a contrasting color. I love the idea of the cerulean blue layered glowy room. But it wouldn't work here :( My landlord would freak.
The only red tea I've had is a hibiscus flower blend. So tell me about your new roommate - how nice! It's not OT - just mention food.

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