White Hibiscus flower Pictures

Red Hibiscus

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I took these photos of hibiscus flowers a few months ago at the end of spring. Now that I’m slowly going through the hundreds of pictures on my camera’s SD cards, I get to dig up a few older photos. I love photographing hibiscus blooms because they are so colorful but it can be a challenge to get them in the right angle and light. Most of the time, the photos I take of them are worthless, and sometimes I’m lucky.

Here’s a selection of pink hibiscus, pink and white hibiscus, and purple and light yellow hibiscus flowers. The first shot is the whole flower and the second shot is a close-up. I hope you enjoy these!

Hemp paper - great stuff, Kenaf - already legal

2007-02-28 13:06:20 by mansize

Kenaf makes an even better paper than hemp. The botanical name is Hibiscus cannabis and it looks rather like marijuana, though the two are not related. Buy kenaf paper if you can. The only company in the U.S. that produces kenaf paper is Vision Paper in New Mexico.
I like your 7 steps by the way, especially the 7th.
Tree pulp is not an optimal material for paper making. An elaborate series of steps is necessary to mechanically and chemically break down the rigid source material into usable pulp, and further processes are needed to render it white and smooth enough for printing

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