White Hibiscus Kauai

Photo Essay: Hibiscus of KauaiThe hibiscus of Kauai are everywhere you turn. We saw even more hibiscus than we did on Maui. Not only did we see the most common known yellow hibiscus, the Hawaii state flower, but we also saw them in colors and patterns we’d never seen before.

On Kauai, you will find not only the seven species of native Hawaiian hibiscus, but also the ornamental Chinese hibiscus and numerous hybrids. All colors and varieties of the hibiscus were adopted as the official Territorial Flower in the early 1920s with the red hibiscus being shown on Hawaiian memorabilia, souvenirs, and postcards.Hibiscus of Kauai as officially selected to represent the Hawaiian Islands.

Midnight Mystery

A favorite hibiscus of Kauai, Midnight Mystery, is sure to get the attention of many with its bright pink color and dark blackish-red center. One of six hibiscus we currently have growing at our home.

Hibiscus of Kauai

Hibiscus Facts

  • Hibiscus blossoms only last one day.
  • Hawaiian hibiscus bloom strongest from spring through early summer.
  • The hibiscus tree can grow up to 30 feet tall.
  • There are over 200 species of hibiscus.

Kokio Keokeo

The beautiful red stamen pops against the solid white petals. A native hibiscus, this flowering plant can quickly mature into a small tree or be pruned for a lush hedge.

Peppermint Drop

When we first saw this hibiscus of Kauai, it instantly reminded us of peppermint candy with its red and white color combination. We were delighted to learn that the name reflected its personality perfectly.

Hibiscus of Kauai Hibiscus of Kauai Hibiscus of Kauai Hibiscus of Kauai

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