White Hibiscus perennial

ImageI openly admit I suffer from garden envy. Even when I feel I’ve completed an area in my garden and it looks great, if I see other people’s landscapes, I run to the garden shop and try to find what they have. In that vain, I have always loved hibiscus flowers and until this year I had only purchased the annual variety that you see in every plant store. The annual plant is available in a tree-like form which everyone has on their decks or in a shrub. The flowers are extremely large and conspicuous, with vibrant colors from white to pink, red, orange, purple or yellow, I include a photo above of the one I received from my husband for Mother’s Day, it has yellow flowers with a beautiful red center. Every morning I am treated to a visit by my local hummingbird coming to draw the nectar from the hibiscus center. If your interested in creating a local meeting place for hummingbirds to congregate all you need is a bunch of hibiscus plants. The hibiscus flowers in particular attract hummingbirds because the flower is shaped in such a way as to easily accommodate the fast-beating wings of the birds. Also, the thick petals don’t easily tear if the hummingbird’s beak brushes up against them. The typical red center of the flower although difficult for bees to see is easily visible to hummingbirds.

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New perennial colors

2007-07-01 20:03:22 by farmer2

I went out to my favorite nursery in East Texas, Blue Moon Gardens, and found a pink flowered Turk's Cap. They also had it in orange. Very cool. I also got a Texas Star Hibiscus in white. The new coneflower colors are wonderful, too. Has anyone grown these new colors before, and if so, how do they do compared to the original colors? Sometimes a new color just isn't as hardy as the original - take tall garden phlox as an example. You can't kill the magenta pink, but the new colors just aren't as hardy. Thanks.

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