White Hibiscus Silk flowers


The first time I have ever seen this spider. I did not know what this was when I saw it on the computer enlarged. I thought it might have been a jumping spider that had shed its skin!! But I don't think spiders do that. Only today I found the name of this spider. Here is some information about this taken from two sources:-

White Crab Spider also known as White Flower Spider. This species of Flower Spiders are a little larger than the Diaea species. The spiders also hide in the flower plants and their abdomen just look like the flower buds. At day time they rest in their retreats made by the leafs and their silk. At night they sit beside the flower and wait for the visitors, such as the small moths.

They attack their prey by their front two pairs of legs. The spiders make egg sac on leaves. Notice in the first picture the eight eyes in two rows of four on the spider's head.

White Crab Spider or Flower Spider (Thomisus spectabilis) Family Thomisidae
Beautifully designed for near invisibility, the pale Flower (Crab) spider sits in the petals of white flowers, waiting for the flower's pollinator to come along. The abdomen is white and the rest of the body and legs are a pale creamy white. A single spider will occupy the flower until it wilts and the spider moves off to find a fresh one. The 10 mm (.4 inch) Flower spiders are active during the day and males look just like females except for their slightly smaller size. These spiders do not have a shelter to live in but the females will fold over the tip of a leaf and secure it with silk to provide for an egg chamber.

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