Black and white poppies

Black And White Poppies

The Rose-of-Sharon which is part of the hibiscus family is considered to be a medium to large deciduous shrub but is commonly grown as a small tree if trained to a single stem. There are different varieties to choose from as well as colors such as the white, pink, or blue. Within each color choice are several varieties of the Rose of Sharon that range from different center colors, double bloom layering, color of leaf, size of bloom, and size of shrub.

This review is on the Red Heart Rose of Sharon that is a vigorous, vase-shaped, upright deciduous large shrub or a small tree depending on how you prune. The botanical name is Hibiscus syriacus. The blooms are large, single saucer shaped pure white flowers with scarlet red centers that bloom from mid-summer to until frost. The blooms stay opened 24 hours a day. The foliage is a rich dark green with leaves that are three lobed and diamond shaped.

The Red Heart Rose will grow to be about 8-10’ in height with a 6-10’ spread. The growth rate is considered to be moderate and likes partial sun to full sun. It prefers to grow in average to moist conditions, and shouldn't be allowed to dry out.

It has no serious insect or disease problems. It is considered to be low maintenance, although annual pruning in the spring will result in larger flowers. It is adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions including acidic, clay, loamy, and sandy. It tolerates wetness and moderate drought.

Hardiness from zone 5–8 which is down to -20 degrees F.

Our Experience

We live in zone 5 of the Pacific Northwest in the land of the evergreens where summers are hot and dry and winters are snowy and frigid. Flowers cover this plant in late summer when others are done blooming for the season. This is how I planned our landscaping was to start with spring with a multitude of colors that go on from plant to plant to tree to tree thru-out the spring-fall season. It is quite the color show. This small tree thrives in the heat and heat is exactly what we have here in late July. Our summer starts in July where we have 2 good hot months before it starts to cool off to the 70’s or low 80’s in September.

As I write this review, it is October and our Red Heart Rose of Sharon is still covered in blooms and the temps are in the 50’s to 60’s in the day and have dip below freezing at night already. The leaves look great still as well as the blooms. It provides a calming effect when you see the large white flowers on this small tree especially when you realize old man winter is on its way.

Deer do not like this tree/shrub thank goodness as we have a lot of deer that start walking around the neighborhood during the night. It does attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

This particular Rose of Sharon does not grow into a tree naturally as you must prune it if you want it to look this way, otherwise it will develop into a large shrub. Personally, we like it as a small tree for our landscaping needs as it stands out better and is rare to see a tree blooming this time of the year so people going by always take double looks when they see it at this time of the year. We prune them in the spring so we can enjoy an abundance of late summer single white flowers with dark red eyes. They are just gorgeous.

20th Century Fox Black. White.
DVD (20th Century Fox)

What do you have on the walls in your

2012-10-03 10:52:26 by main-living-space???

I am having a really hard time deciding on what to do. I have this oversized painting of a jar of poppies but I am tired of it. It's not REALLY art, it's just a painting. If that makes sense. I am thinking of going to ikea and buying a fuckton of frames in different sizes (same color) and then printing out a bunch of black and white family photos and just do a giant montage of photos. Not sure if I love that idea though. I can't afford the art I love.

Plants exchange in this area?

2007-07-09 13:56:26 by banquo28

I moved here at the end of 2005. Unfortunately or fortunately, I inherited a jungle. There are plants I grew before and I miss them. Here is a list of plants I want.
- Oriental poppies. I bought a couple from big dipper farm online this spring. I got something root like stuff. I planted them but they never came up.
- Creeping baby's breath - pink or white.
- Different kinds of hostas.
- The regular tall jacob's ladder. I can only find (and bought) dwarf jacob's ladder.
- Alpine aster - white and purple. Never see them selling in this area

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