Giant white poppies

Paper Giant Poppy

Made From Tissue Paper, Crepe Paper or Coffee Filters

Paper Giant Poppy

Poppies can be made from many types of paper. Here we show coffee filter, crepe paper, and tissue paper giant poppies.

Coffee Filter, Crepe Paper, Tissue Paper Poppies

Coffee Filter Poppy Materials

  • 2 round coffee filters
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Template (below)
  • Red and yellow acrylic paint
  • 1 1/2-inch flat artist brush
  • 3/4-inch round artist brush
  • 1 straight pin
  • Stapler
  • 24-gauge wire - about 6 inches
  • 36 inches 18-gauge (inexpensive household) wire
  • Green florist tape
  • Tacky glue
  • Small black pom-pom


Poppy Template

Coffee Filter, Crepe Paper, Tissue Paper PoppiesSelect and Copy the template above. Paste it into an image (Photoshop, Print Shop, etc.) or word processing (MS Word, WordPerfect, etc.) document. Size the template to 4 x 4 inches. Print template and cut out.

Coffee Filter Poppy Materials

Flatten coffee filters.

Paint Coffee Filters

Paint one side red with the flat brush. Let dry. Paint other side red and let dry.

Paint Other Side of Filter

Stack the two filters lining up edges carefully.

Fold Filter in Half

Fold in half.

Fold Filter into Quarters

Fold again into quarters.

Position the template with the rounded edge aligned to the outer edge of the filter and the petal's tab centered on the folded point. Trace and cut.

Cut Out Petal Shapes

Poppy TemplateUnfold and separate the two four-petal layers. Stack them offsetting the petals and aligning the petal outer edges.

Stack and Align Petals

Insert straight pin through the center of both layers.

Insert Pin in Center

Staple the layers together in four equidistant spots as shown.

Staple Layers

Note that the staples are angled like rays from the center.

Gather Petals

Hold the flower by the straight pin and gather up the tabs tightly.

Secure Shape With Wire

Secure the flower shape by winding 24-gauge wire around the tabs. The tabs now form the flower's calyx.

Scrunch Petals into Ball

Take the flower in one hand and scrunch lightly into a ball. Arrange the petals.

Fold Wire

Fold the 18-gauge wire at 12 inches. Insert the flower pin and tabs into the bend. Twist the two sections together tightly to hold the calyx. It's okay if the 24-gauge wire falls off at this point as mine did.

Coffee Filter Poppy MaterialsLoosely wind the 12-inch length of wire around the longer piece moving down the stem from the calyx.

Fold the wire at the bottom and wrap the final 12 inches back up to the calyx.

Wire Stem

Starting at the calyx, wrap floral tape tightly around the stem, stretching the tape as you go to release the adhesive. Make sure that the pin's point is not protruding.

Add Tape to Stem

Use a dry brush technique to paint a fringe of yellow radiating from the center of the flower. Make strokes just long enough to be seen when the pom-pom is in place. Let dry.

Paint Center of Flower Yellow

Use tacky glue to place the black pom-pom in the center of the poppy blossom.

Coffee Filter Poppy Closeup

Crepe or Tissue Paper Poppies

Crepe Paper Poppy Close Up

You'll need the same supplies as for the Coffee Filter Poppies Supply List except:

  • 1 sheet red crepe paper in place of the coffee filters;
  • Needle and red thread in place of 24-gauge wire; and
  • Glue stick.

Single layers of crepe paper don't have enough body to make giant poppies. But only three changes to the Coffee Filter Poppies Directions are needed to make gorgeous giant paper poppies - no matter what type of red paper you have on hand.

Paint Coffee Filters Paint Other Side of Filter Fold Filter in Half Fold Filter into Quarters

I'm on the hunt for Matajilla Poppies !?!?!?

2003-01-27 23:15:43 by tradeyoucacti

I'm looking for some starts, (roots , tubers) of those big giant mexican matajilla poppies, the ones with the big white flowers on three or four foot stalks. I can dig 'em or divide 'em for you , and if ya want some San Pedro starts, I'll hook you up !!
I'm in the north bay but I go all over so I'll come and get 'em,
Thanks !!!

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