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We all have our routines. My morning one includes sitting down and watching no less than 30 minutes of CBC News and then a few minutes of surfing some other news sites to broaden my scope of information. This morning was no different. There’s always some story that sparks my interest and while Rob Ford admitting to what everyone in the free world believed to be true and the Canadian Senate Scandal are ongoing gems, the new story that caught my eye was about White Poppies.

I suppose there should be a preface to my opinion, but it should come as no shock that I have family members who served. There, I said it. So you can take this with whatever grain of salt you want, but I find it offensive to have a White Poppy in Remembrance. We can all agree, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that war is indeed hell and that the active pursuit to avoid conflict is something we should embrace. This is the goal of the White Poppy campaign to spread peace and to preach about prevention of war. Ironically, that’s precisely what Remembrance Day is all about. To thank our veterans for answering the call, remember those that fell while defending our country and its interests and above all, to remind us that war is indeed terrible and we should silence all arms. At least, this is what I was taught while growing up and a red poppy represents that notion.

Needless to say taking an 80 year old attempt to the white poppy and making it new has had the same reaction as it did in the European Inter-War period. The simple fact and truth of the matter is that if you want to show support for peace, wear a red poppy and participate in Remembrance Day. This is neither the time nor the symbol to make into a political debate.

Us sent money to the taliban

2001-09-18 09:51:51 by rgirl

Not a few months ago, the us sent $43 million to the taliban, to our now sworn enemy...
so lets get this straight... we send money to afghanistan so they can oppress thier people, and now we are pulling billions out of every expendable program we have (you know, social security, education etc) to protect ourselves from them?? doesnt that seem a little screwed up?
thats my opinion, here's the article so you can make your own:
Pubdate: Tue, 22 May 2001
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Los Angeles Times
Contact: letters@latimes

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