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Yea I know this is a marijuana forum and I came here to learn how to grow it. But I noticed people asking questions about poppies which I grow. So I figured I might as well start a journal. I'm going to be showing two grows. One in DWC and another in soil. The soil is going to start off inside but I might transplant to outdoors. The hydro will all be inside.

The equipment used for lighting on both grows is just going to be a 600 watt MH, hortilux bulb, and the cheapest reflector the hydro store sold.

The hydro equip will be in 5 gallon buckets(home depot) with a 20 dollar pump I picked up at walmart and 6" nets with hydroton. Each bucket has a 6" airstone(also purchased at walmart). Nutes will be Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow.

For soil Ill be starting them off in Ferry Morse 'Quick n Easy' 36 pellet greenhouse. No nutes at the begining the soil will supply what it needs.

The first thing you should know is that poppies like cold weather. Outside they are best planted in late fall and are allowed to winter. So this means that they vegitate during the shorter days of the year. So for indoors to mimic nature the lighting cycle of poopies is the opposite of weed. For veg I will have them on a 12/12 cycle mimicing fall, winter, and early spring. Later on I will switch them to 18/6 and then to 20/4.

Poppies unlike weed are not that easy to kill with nutes. Not to say it cant happen but it just takes alot more.

For soil grows the main problem a newb will encounter is over watering them. Look at the places is grown well at and you'll see what I mean. I let the soil get pretty dry before watering. Generally that would be every few days at best. And you dont have to soak them then just get the soil damp. When they move into flower I will barely water them at all as this will create higher potency opium.

Ok so anyways Im sure Ill think of more stuff as I go along but its 3 in the morning and I want to watch some tv.

and a Ferry Morse greenhouse, which is just 36 peat pellets in a black tray with clear dome.

Just add water and they will expand.

I then added around five seeds per pellet. When I sow the seeds all I do is take about 5 of them(I will thin them out as they grow) and just sprinkle them on top of the soil. I dont put them in a hole or anything.

Us sent money to the taliban

2001-09-18 09:51:51 by rgirl

Not a few months ago, the us sent $43 million to the taliban, to our now sworn enemy...
so lets get this straight... we send money to afghanistan so they can oppress thier people, and now we are pulling billions out of every expendable program we have (you know, social security, education etc) to protect ourselves from them?? doesnt that seem a little screwed up?
thats my opinion, here's the article so you can make your own:
Pubdate: Tue, 22 May 2001
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Los Angeles Times
Contact: letters@latimes

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