When do white poppies Bloom

As a girl growing up in England I remember Armistice Day being called Poppy Day.

In Australia we call it Rememberance Day but the poppy is still the iconic symbol of rememberance.

Last night I spoke to my 99 year old Mum on the phone and she told me that her brother had died in the trenches on Armistice Day - I believe he was 18 years old and had just gone to war.
My mother's memory of the time is that her mother's hair turned white virtually overnight when she received the news of her son's death.

When I was driving south last week I took a picture of some poppies growing wild in a field (in November) - but I now live in Tasmania in the southern hemisphere.

Surely there are no poppies in the fields of Flanders in Europe in November?
Pic: A poppy in my garden in Western Australia (2006)

POST SCRIPT: (Inserted Nov. 2010)

Since writing this post, I discoverd that my mother's memories were not quite correct but that her brother was 21 when he was killed in action and the date of his death was 19th November, 1915. Sadly, my mother passed away a few months ago so this year Rememberance Day will be all the more poignant.

Pic: Grave of my Great Uncle, T. W. Ettershank, who died in the Great War.
My sincere thanks to my friend from Belgium who visited the New Irish Farm War Cemetery and placed the poppy memorial (6 Nov 2010).

Opium Poppies

2008-04-27 13:30:27 by Frog_Barf

Edible poppy seed comes from a selected variety of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. It is an annual with smooth, gray-green leaves somewhat cut around the edges. The flowers are white, purple, red, or pink.
California poppies have fine, ferny foliage and the flowers are orange, sometimes cream or yellow.
Oriental poppies, the ones usually grown as ornamentals, have rather hairy leaves, are perennial with a fleshy rootstock, and has flowers of many shades: red, white, purple, pink, etc.
No, you can't sow the seed from Fred Meyer to grow opium

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