White poppies black center

pic1poppy19nov08.jpgby Pomona Belvedere

Sylvia (from England) emailed me about her black-and-white poppy, which had lost track of the season and was blooming with cyclamen. Since black and white poppies have been on my want list for a long time, I asked to see photos. Then I thought: why not ask her for a guest post? Here it is. PB

Dear Pomona,

This is a photo of my poppy ‘Black and White’ (Papaver orientale ‘Black and White’) flowering this week, it hid its bud near to the ground around a pot (which has tulip bulbs in, waiting for spring) and managed to avoid the two spells of frost we have had, to delight me with its November flower. This poppy often has a flower in the September but never this late in the year.

The second photo was taken 3 days later when the flower was more open. The poppy is called black and white for the “black” blotches in the centre, but they are dark burgundy which matches some white cyclamen growing near by. It wasn’t possible to get a nice photo of them both together.

pic3cyclamen22nov08.jpgNormally this poppy flowers at the beginning of June – looking through my photos I found this photograph from 2006. This part of my back garden looks nothing like this now, the grass has been replaced with gravel and the bed is much bigger but the poppy is still there as well as the white and green variegated iris. This Iris was inherited and is a favourite of mine because it always looks good with the other plants around it, even when not flowering. The poppy is a fleeting beauty, as are the blue iris flower, but I always look forward to seeing them in summer.

pic2poppy22nov08.jpg pic4poppyjun06.jpg

Improving Parking in our Neighborhoods

2003-04-14 00:11:22 by Keith_Gormezano

If your car has ever been towed for being parked too long, not having current registration tabs, or from having too many parking tickets, I may be responsible.
After dinner, for exercise, I walk around my neighborhood and others I happen to be in that evening or day and arrange for illegally over parked or improperly licensed cars to be towed away.
I didn't originally plan to report these cars like some comrade party member, but after walking to my car a block away and getting drenched, I decided enough was enough.
I have civil rights, too--like parking in front of my house or near the businesses I patronize who pay city taxes

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