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New Imported Poppy Flower Seeds TAFFETA Red White Poppies
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&nbsp Papaver Taffeta Poppy seeds BEAUTIFUL! Brand New Poppy For 2010. Taffeta Red and White. We highly recommend the Taffeta Poppy for it's fantastic color and long lasting blooms.
Don't wait. Buy it now. Supply is limited.
Most poppies are very easy to grow. They are a favorite of gardeners in every state for rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and most any place that you want color. Since poppies are self-sowing, if you allow them to go to seed you may only need to plant them once.
Annual. 20 Poppy seeds.

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CARNIVOROUS Plants...do YOU paint flowers...

2007-03-07 11:07:45 by Luckskind

For most of my career I have avoided 'florals' like poison but
it seems there are many people out there who love them. I have been asked to include them in my portfolio,ust to 'round it out.' So, knowing me, I immediately headed for the poisonous and carnivorous species. You know, you have to have a theme: deadly nightshades, dream-inducing poppies, etc.
Anyway, here are some nice insect-eating plants.
The white leaf balances off the composition.
I am offering it for sale already.
Anybody here paint flowers???
8" x 10"
oil pastels, pencil, acrylics

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