White poppies for peace Canada

After World War I British war widows, devastated by the loss of their husbands and family members, started the White Poppy for Peace campaign. They wanted society to work actively to prevent war. This symbol of working for peace was adopted by the UK Women’s Cooperative Guild and is continued today in the UK by the Peace Pledge Union

The White Poppy has been a symbol of active peace work since then in many countries, including Canada.

This work honours the war dead by seeking non-military solution to war. Modern warfare kills civilians and destroys the social and physical environment. War and the preparation for war are bleeding our economy and wasting resources that should be used for social justice.

We honour all those who have died and still die in wars. Remembering is not enough. Wear a White Poppy and Work for Peace.

Women in Black Victoria, BC has handmade and given away thousands of white poppies in the last 15 years. They will be given out on Nov. 7, 12 noon- 1pm at Women in Black Silent Vigil on Douglas St. beside City Hall. For information on getting or making white poppies to give away contact: victoriawib(at)gmail(dot)com


Started in October 1995, after Theresa Wolfwood returned from the Beijing Women’s Forum where she attended the WIB demonstration there, the Victoria WIB has met since then in silent vigil, usually beside City Hall on the edge of Centennial Sq. on one Thursday a month, at noon. We hold a large banner made by several members of the group.

In August we hold our Hiroshima-Nagasaki remembrance vigil on the sidewalk beside the Tourist office –across from the Empress Hotel. Over the year a pattern has emerged in our vigils. We hand out a different leaflet every vigil. Vigillers do not respond to passersby & try to maintain silence; the person handing out leaflets can answer question & listen to comments, but we do not engage in argument or discussion. Supportive men are welcome at our vigil.

Many are for special occasions- March, International Women’s Day where we have noted violence against women (including Canadian 1st Nations women) & other issues on women’s rights that remain unresolved; May, Mother’s day for Peace –the original meaning of day as a day of action for women to end war, not a day for flowers & cards; Hiroshima-Nagasaki, noting Canada’s participation in providing uranium for bombs. We pass out white poppies & a bookmark with information on the significance of the poppy in November. In December we sometimes celebrate Human Rights Day &/or ethical gift ­giving for Xmas. Our leaflets always include action suggestions with names & addresses.

Over the years issues presented in leaflet have covered – Colombian human rights abuses & Canada’s connection to that country; opposing wars in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan & Yugoslavia; also opposing Canadian participation in those wars & military action in Libya & the possibility in Syria. We write about economic violence – the poverty of marginalized people in Canada – homeless, disabled, 1st Nations - and draw attention to growing economic inequality in Canada. We document the rise in our military budget as social services are cut. We have written about creating a culture of peace & the need for more support for education.

CARNIVOROUS Plants...do YOU paint flowers...

2007-03-07 11:07:45 by Luckskind

For most of my career I have avoided 'florals' like poison but
it seems there are many people out there who love them. I have been asked to include them in my portfolio,ust to 'round it out.' So, knowing me, I immediately headed for the poisonous and carnivorous species. You know, you have to have a theme: deadly nightshades, dream-inducing poppies, etc.
Anyway, here are some nice insect-eating plants.
The white leaf balances off the composition.
I am offering it for sale already.
Anybody here paint flowers???
8" x 10"
oil pastels, pencil, acrylics

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