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Opium Poppy

I think I missed the best time for taking photos of this field, the wind had knocked a fair few of the delicate poppy petals off during the day.

Several ( secret ( opps sorry guys for blowing the locations! Guess its hard to hide a field of red or white flowers.)) sites in Hampshire ( England ) where chosen for this small scale experiment.

The poppies have been grown to only allow morphine rather than heroin production, I think this is to prevent any drug / oil based reasons for invasion from the U.S.A..

The majority of images in this set were from these trials around Basingstoke. However with the decline of the more damaging weed killers and farming methods, more and more varieties of poppy are returning to the hedgerows and farmland.

Well, I am in zone 8, north of Seattle

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I *think* we can plant many of the same things! And as I look out in my garden at a profusion of color, I think we can come up with some things that will work for you!
-ceanothus - gets very large, and lives about 15-20 years, gorgeous profusion of blue flowers
-oriental poppies
-peonies, gorgeous flowers and incredible scent
-hebe, mounding evergreen plant with really pretty flowers every June
-red twig dogwood, beautiful naked red stems in winter, white flowers in June
-oriental lilies, I have beautiful flowers that I picked up in bulk in the fall at Costco!
-lavender, many color choices, I even have one that blooms in yellow!
-heuchera coral bells
-weigela, gets large, humming birds LOVE them, mine is pink...

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