White poppies in context

poppy_square1Some will know that the wearing of the poppy on Remembrance Sunday has been an issue that I have wrestled with for years and years (see ). Not having been brought up to the tradition, my earliest encounters with it were in the context of the sectarian divisions of NI. When I started worshipping at a Presbyterian Church, there were the added accretions of a national anthem, ex-servicemen and campaign medals.

I’ve been through the negative reaction when I stopped attending church on Remembrance entirely (but if I’m honest this ‘protest’ carried not a little of my own prejudices). Later, under the influence of my wife, I stayed away but watched the broadcast service from the cenotaph in London, but grew increasingly uncomfortable with the glorification of militarism. Then I started attending church again, but no poppy, until finally last year I wore the poppy for the first time in my life.

Finally coming round to attendance at church on Remembrance and the wearing of the poppy was my response to the growing realisation in the South of our own First World War history, though I still did it reluctantly, and I still strongly object to the singing of a national anthem in Church.

But this morning I wore a white poppy, whose story can be found call for interest that finally persuaded me.

And the good Lord has a sense of humour. For the first time in uncountable ages I was asked to help lift the offering, which involved having to walk up the central aisle of the church and, after the thanksgiving, leave the offering on a table. I had to walk up and stand beside one of the veterans, complete with campaign medals, who had led the Act of Remembrance.

Well, I am in zone 8, north of Seattle

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