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Buds on rhododendron. Glasgow Botanical Gardens, January 2014.It has been dark, cold and rainy in Glasgow at the start of this new year, although we have seen the sun a few times. When it does appear, I feel quite euphoric! Recently, on a gloomy day, I had the good fortune to have a ramble through the lovely Botanics. I set myself the challenge of finding “winter interest” in the garden to show you. (Just to let you know, I didn’t go inside the glass houses.)

I love looking for buds, and the rhododendrons are full of them:

I can’t wait to see them when they’re in bloom! Below, some stunning pink berries cut through the gloom as if they were lit from within:

Winter berries. Glasgow Botanical Gardens, January 2014.

It’s true that there is beauty that can only be appreciated in the winter:

The white bark of this birch tree also seemed lit from within:

I was delighted to discover gorse in bloom in the Herb Gardens. I was a little surprised to find it there, as I wouldn’t think of it as a “herb” but apparently it has medicinal properties and in former times was used for healing a variety of ailments. Gorse always reminds me of being in Donegal at Eastertime. Even on a winter’s day it had that lovely scent like coconut:

And look, poppies are on their way again! So exciting…

I spent quite some time in the Rose Gardens admiring the beautiful rose hips and trying to take photos of the many small birds that were feasting on them. I failed to get any good photos of the robins and blue tits for you, so you will just have to imagine them flitting about:

It was great to be out in a garden, and reassuring to see that there is always beauty, if you take the trouble to look for it.

View of Oran Mor (steeple) from Glasgow Botanical Gardens. January 2014. Intertwining branches. Glasgow Botanical Gardens,  January 2014. Birch tree,  Glasgow Botanical Gardens,  January 2014. Gorse in bloom in the Herb Garden. Glasgow Botanical Gardens,  January 2014.

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2005-09-13 05:53:03 by wambulus

Here are my tips.
umbrellas are useless - you'll get soaked anyway, and they're a pain to carry and put up and down all the time.
wool coat - wool is the best water repellent and though it smells like wet dog will keep you dry and warm (relatively) should it rain.
bring a hat, scarf and gloves. you can buy nice ones over here too.
SOCKS. pack extras - you'll be happy you did when your feet get wet.
on that subject - shoes. make sure you have relatively water-proof shoes. this doesn't mean wellies or anything, just some city boots or something with a solid sole and no fabric

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