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A peace organization in Prince Edward Island has started distributing white poppies for Remembrance Day - a move the Royal Canadian Legion says denigrates the memorial holiday.

White poppies first appeared in 1932 in the U.K., as part of a movement launched by the Co-operative Women's Guild. Their aim is to support a pacifist approach to Remembrance Day. According to the Peace Pledge Union, an organization that makes white poppies in the U.K.: "The White Poppy symbolizes the belief that there are better ways to resolve conflicts than killing strangers. Our work, primarily educational, draws attention to many of our social values and habits which make continuing violence a likely outcome."

Since their inception, white poppies been a source of controversy, especially in Canada, with veterans arguing they tarnish the symbolic value of the red poppy, a trademarked symbol sold by the Royal Canadian Legion in advance of Remembrance Day to honour Canada's fallen soldiers.

The Royal British Legion has no official stance on the white poppy, but the Royal Canadian Legion is staunchly opposed to it.

"The people who are distributing these poppies are normally people who have never spent a day in the service of their country in their lives, " Jim Ross, president of the legion's P.E.I. provincial command, told CBC News. "To denigrate a symbol of the remembrance of people who died for this country certainly is emotional."

In 2007, Earth's General Store in Edmonton stopped selling white poppies after the legion threatened to sue over copyright infringement.

The legion in P.E.I. says it will do the same to organizations selling the flowers in the province.

In November 2006, Tim Goddard, the father of Capt. Nichola Goddard, a Canadian solider who died in Afghanistan in May of that year, lent his support to the white poppy movement.

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bring a hat, scarf and gloves. you can buy nice ones over here too.
SOCKS. pack extras - you'll be happy you did when your feet get wet.
on that subject - shoes. make sure you have relatively water-proof shoes. this doesn't mean wellies or anything, just some city boots or something with a solid sole and no fabric

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