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IKKANSHU-MANIA Ikkanshu Tasmanian Poppy Hybrid

Master gardeners and scholars agree that two of the most sought after poppies in the world are the Ikkanshu Poppy from

Japan and the Tasmanian Poppy.

Ikkanshu Poppy - primarily found in pharmaceutical study journals, this is probably the rarest poppy in the universe. Since most gardeners have never even heard of it, it hasn't gained the popularity of its other papaver somniferum sisters. Originally found only in

Japan, a source of authentic purebred Ikkanshu seeds was almost impossible to obtain. The majority of the information about this mystic flower is written only in Japanese. Because of it's milky white flowers some (unscrupulous) sellers have sold China White Poppy seeds and claimed that they were Ikkanshus. The blue - gray seeds are one of the primary indicators that you are dealing with you are dealing with the elusive Ikkanshu Poppy. garden variety China Whites. Luckily, I found a source of Ikkanshus that could be verified about 11 years ago.

Ikkanshu Tasmanian Poppy Hybrid

Tasmanian Poppy - The world's pharmaceutical market has been driven by this beauty for the past 60 years. Engineered to be hardy and potent, the Tasmanian Poppy will survive in most environments. Usually identified by its white petals with purple splotches, this powerhouse is easy to identify. They may be easy to ID but good seeds aren't easy to obtain. regulated. My seeds were "blow overs" that were purchased in

Tasmania many years ago. I have kept the strain going and cross pollinated them with the Ikkanshus.

Ikkanshu-Mania Poppy - I have been growing poppies for over 20 years and working on this hybrid for the past ten years. After years of research, I realized that blending two of the rarest poppies on earth might make for a wonderful hybrid. The past decade has been dedicated to creating a poppy that would be potent, grow multiple heads per plant, and be fairly easy to grow. The result is my Ikkanshu-Mania Poppy.

Ikkanshu-Manias can be identified by their white / violet streaked petals with purple blotches. Multiple stems will grow from the leave intersections to produce flowers and post. Some plants will produce as many as 15 heads!

Up to 15 pods per plant

The yield of these seeds is astronomically high. Approximately 98% of the seeds are viable and will produce sprouts when planted and cared for correctly. Your success is almost guaranteed as they are very easy to plant and fairly easy to care for and nurture to adult pod producing plants. Probably the most difficult stage of the process is during the 3 weeks after they sprout. They need to be kept moist so that they won't dry out but they are easily washed away if over watered. A little extra care and a light water mister will get the job done quite nicely. Once they reach adulthood they will each produce 6 to 10 flowers / pods.
A limited quantity of

Marijuana a bigger US cash crop than corn or hay

2006-12-18 10:34:30 by azmabehtaroon

The value of the marijuana grown in the United States is greater than all of the corn or hay produced in the country's agricultural sector, according to a story in today's Los Angeles Times.
The article by reporter Eric Bailey quotes a report from Jon Gettman, an independent consultant who used government statistics to show the value of marijuana as a cash crop. The drug's worth exceeds $35 billion, and its illicit cultivation in the US has grown by ten times since 1981.
But the US government responded that the drug should not be legalized. A representative of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy warned that "Coca is Colombia's largest cash crop and that hasn't worked out for them, and opium poppies are Afghanistan's largest crop, and that has worked out...

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ARThouse Poppies of the Field, Giclee Print of Watercolor Flower Picture, Showing Red Poppies and Chamomile in a Field in France, 10 X 13 Inches
Home (ARThouse)
  • This is a giclee print created from an original watercolor painting by nationally-known artist Susan Avis Murphy
  • Bright red poppies in a field in France, surrounded by little white chamomile flowers
  • Colors in this painting are easily matched to contemporary decors; detail and color are outstanding
  • The picture frames beautifully in a variety of different mat and frame choices
  • The image size of the print is 9 x 12 inches, with a 2 inch white border, and it will fit perfectly into a standard 16 x 20 inch mat and frame

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