White poppies why

PeaceOriginally this post opened up with me telling you I’ve got a few rants rolling around in my head and I need to vent and get them out. That’s still true and one of these days (soon) it’s going to happen but somewhere along the way I got consumed with a rant that’s of a bigger variety.

It’s obviously bothering me more that I realized by the length of what’s to follow and that is, in my opinion of greater importance than they annoyance of those Bitstrip comics on Facebook.

White Poppies – yes I know Remembrance Day is over but remembering our veterans, acknowledging our soldiers and accepting the reality of the world we live in should be a daily occurrence. Let’s make something abundantly clear here – RED POPPIES DO NOT GLORIFY WAR! In fact, I’d say they are one of the clearest symbols of anti-war & peace spread throughout our country, they are gratitude in the loudest silence imaginable. Let me tell you why.

When we wear a Red Poppy we say to the veteran sitting in Tim Horton’s “Thank you. Thank you for the years you sacrificed away from your family, the diseases you encountered, the friends you lost, the tears you shed and the person you were before you left. Thank you for the freedom I have to wear what I want, to say what I want, to watch my children ride their bikes in the street and to remain blissfully unaware of what bombs & gun fire destroying lives looks like, smells like, sounds like. Thank you for suffering all that time so that I would never have to.”

When we wear a Red Poppy we say to the widow, the fatherless child, the woman who let her husband go off to war and welcomed home a stranger, “Thank you. Thank you for letting them go. Thank you for the nights you spend worrying, the tears you shed then and the ones that still fall now. Thank you for the soccer games played with an empty seat on the bleachers, the school events missed, the walk down the aisle alone. Thank you for standing strong, breaking down, and coming through to the other side – we’re broken for those moments with you.”

When we wear a Red Poppy we say to the soldier awaiting deployment tomorrow, next week, next year “Thank you. Thank you for loving other people so much more than you love yourself that you’re willing to fight a war that’s not ours. Thank you for being so desperate for peace around the world that you’ll sacrifice everything to give others what we have here, in Canada. Thank you for doing a job that we could not do, so that one day maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to say this world is truly at peace.”

It doesnt work...as long as americans

2003-04-28 10:51:30 by Tommys

Use at least 80% of the world's heroin and cocaine...it will get here from somewhere somehow.
Even mexico is growing poppies now, whereas it use to be the golden triangle...then and now afghanistan (we couldn't even stop it THERE!)
Also, CIA frequently uses these types of people to work against left forces in countries...so DEA always runs up against their allies. See article in recent New Yorker about Dyncorp etc being contracted by US gov't...not just 'spraying' they are helping paramilitaries go after rebels...flying helicopter gunships etc....
see White Out by Cockburn
Dark Alliance by Webb
and the classic about Burma, laos , etc Politics of Heroin by mccoy

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